EMP OP again in 3.5 PU


Having troubles cutting down those pesky Bucks, or Connies shields in your bounty? Take along a orgmate that can EMP them first, it will drop all of there shields 100% and leave them dead in space while you clean them up ASAP. DixonR and I did it yesterday with great success! …just my 2 aUec


Yea, They did something almost server side it seems. Sunday morning they were working fine. Sunday night, suddenly Connies flew faster than an arrow in a circle and Buccs were impossible to take down shields on. Another option I found viable, accept every single bounty you have, do the ones that aren’t bugged, and then wait for others to complete your bugged ones for you. LOL


The EMP is definitely ridiculous even when fighting AI. Very annoying, hearing engines, weapons, and etc go off line every 10 seconds.