Welcome Emeraldstorms,

I’m glad you picked ADI to hangout with. I’ve notice that the command/staff groups are setup very similar to the way the military does it. So if you need anything and your prior military you usually have some Idea which Staff shop to hit up. If you need anything you can always sent myself or any other team lead a message.



Since you have a military background, I will give you a military welcome. Welcome Aboard to ADI EmeraldStorms! I was kind of like you, not really that involved with Star Citizen until the Verse dropped and I saw all the cool updates since I last played. I joined ADI before the Verse dropped but was not all that involved until seeing the game now progressing in strides and there were some real life challenges as well. In fact, I was almost dropped from ADI for inactivity but I told the Staff Member I was waiting to see where the game was progressing before committing more and that I had real life challenges at the time. A little while later, playing SC a lot more, joining Org Ops, and in the beginning phases of ADI Staff.

Hope to see you in the Verse!


Well thanks for your service Emerald and welcome to Atlas :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI Emerald. Thank you for your service and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the verse.