Ello peeps

First: Happy Easter!

Thanks for the invite ADI. New prospect here. Maybe y’all can help me get better at SC between the game crashes lol. Had quite a few of those yesterday.

Anywho I’ve only been playing for a few days now still learning some of the controls and what not, but i’m definitely not new to PC gaming. I played most of the Battlefield series, so FPS and vehicle combat + FPS is nothing new to me. Though in this game I don’t think I will be tossing C4 all over a jeep and crashing it into a tank >:D lol.

Been having fun with it so far, and I’ve already been transporting people to Grim Hex from Port Olisar to go shopping and pop any pirates that get in the way on the landing deck or on approach.

Maybe one of you will whip me into shape as a better dog fighter :smiley:

Hey there Mektor - Happy Easter to you as well, and welcome to the ADI community!

Dont worry about being new to dog fighting - there are plenty of people here at ADI to help you learn the ropes and there is plenty of training planned when the game actually releases that will get you (and everyone else) up to speed with current tactics.

Other than that - let me (or the other team leads) know if you have any questions or concerns - and welcome to the organization!

Hello @Mektor,
Welcome to ADI. Sounds to me like you are getting started on the right path. What ship are you currently flying in game? Do you know what career(s) you would like to pursue in game? Hopefully with the release of Alpha V3.0 we will be able to start exploring some of the various careers we offer. You’ll find that members here are very happy to assist with learning the game and improving your skills. Don’t forget to into Mumble and get to know some your fellow members.

Best Wishes!

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. Would love to go hunting with you. I am trying out my new HOTAS so I can dog fight better. The trick is figuring out what buttons I want for what task, based on how often I use them, and what seems to come naturally.

I am putting gimbal weapons on all my ships to help with dogfighting too. Definitely seems to give you the edge against other players.

I like trying different load outs on my ships all the time for fun.

Put me in your contacts and we can fly sometime.

See you on the flight line.

Hi and welcome @Mektor to ADI glad to see you on onboard and if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM on here, discord or just grab me if you see me on Mumble and I’ll do my best to help you we are all here to help each other at the end of the day. I’m always about if you just want to fly or play a few rounds of star marine that’s great with me. well hope to see you soon

Thanks all.

I just got a new HOTAS myself today to replace that sloppy POS logitech 3d pro I had for years. It was okay for battlefield but it is horrid in this game.

Just picked up a thrustmaster T.16000M FCS and it’s night and day difference. Still working on getting the controls assigned and configured, so If you see my online but not in mumble yet; it’s because I’m probably on single player assigning buttons and testing them, etc. Game doesn’t have a default profile for my throttle, so have to manually assign all of the axis, sliders, and buttons on it.

The default rudder/yaw is driving me nuts! I keep wanting to roll by tilting the stick and turn by twisting (used to flying choppers and jets in battlefield) and that is very counter intuitive to me thus far so thinking of reassigning flight controls and hopefully it works this time around.

had horrid luck trying to do that with the stupid logitech. ended up having every movement turn the same direction. the toggle to flip yaw/rudder doesn’t help either when you have to reset it every time you jump back in the pilot seat.

Currently I have 2 ships. The hornet (just regular one that I put a specialty mount on and a ballistic cannon on top of) and the cutlass black.

I’m thinking of running cargo missions whenever it becomes available. For now just flying about exploring, making some money though now I have nothing really to buy anymore lol. Got the armor and all the guns I could find in the PU.

Need to do more arena commander now but before that I need to get my HOTAS dialed in before I really try and improve my fighting skills. gotta walk before you can run right? :smiley:

Anywho once I’m all dialed in, I’m down to jump on mumble and run some missions with y’all. Gun for you or you gun for me or wingman, arena command, star marine, whatever :slight_smile:

After seeing the caterpillar I wish I had one, but it was a limited time thing from what I’ve seen. maybe they’ll offer it again. Had fun flying one the other day. Someone was just spawning a ton of them to let people take them out for joy rides. Enormous ship and easy to get lost in! took me like 5 minutes wandering around to find the bridge on it! lol

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Mektor!

A fellow black pilot. I am really excited for the changes that they are making. If you have not seen, check this video out, great rundown of it (youtube.com/watch?v=iViEBCzicsQ).

oooh that looks sick! I love it! can’t wait! Definitely holding onto the cutlass for sure! Plus I bought it as a small cargo runner to get me started.

Welcome to the family Mektor

It is always good to see another FPS person.
If you ever want to play something like Battlefield, whíle waiting for the crashes to stop, make sure you hit me up and of course ask around on Mumble and Discord, where you will most definately find someone that has time and interest.

Hope to talk to you soon
Greetings from Switzerland

Hello Mektor,

Happy Easter,

welcome to our lovely organisation. don t forget your coffee and your safe belt. Dont give to these pirates a chance and support your new wingmens. Check our calendar for our flight nights. :wink:

See you soon in the verse.

Welcome to ADI, its doesn’t take to long to get everything down but theres alot to know and play with. cant wait for 3.0. Soon Soon

Well i done picked up a couple new ships yesterday. The banu defender and banu merchantman.

The merchantman is a massive cargo ship. takes an 8 person crew and holds an enormous amount of cargo.

They gave me a starfarer, a hornet, and another alien fighter as loaners until the ships are hanger ready.