Elite Dangerous: Trade Route

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I haven’t tried it yet. Hopefully a good one!

I tried it. Made about 1mill. in one trip. its pretty goood, need a A - 4 FSD though,

NIce. The fact that I can finally make some money when I play this will be nice… Even though my preferred method is combat, it’d be nice to make more money.

Agreed, good post man

Rare commodities trading like that is good if you’ve got a ship with a small cargo hold. Once you get a larger ship (about 200+ ton capacity) though, a dedicated route hauling bulk goods could be better.

I base myself out of Ham Port in Meskhenga, buy Marine Equipment there and take it to Dummer Dock in Dharuek to sell. Then I’ll pick up a load of Tobacco and take it back to Ham port. I usually bring in about 400-500k per round trip in a Type 7 Transporter with 212 tons of cargo space. One full round trip only takes me about 10-15 minutes, bringing me in at about 1.6 million credits per hour.

If you’re in a ship that carries less than that, figure about 700-1500 credits per ton of cargo per leg or an average of about 1800 credits per ton on a round trip. You’re probably looking at a Cobra or an ASP before this type of route becomes better than a rare trade route.

Another benefit of being based out of Ham Port is that when I want to find combat, there’s a Resource Extraction Site right near Ham Port that you can bounty hunt in (I can make anywhere from 100-400k per hunt, depending on how many wanted criminals there are and what they’re flying). There’s also a fair number of wanted criminals that travel the system if you like to interdict your criminals. Combat zones also frequently pop up nearby if you prefer straight forward combat.

Thanks for this, I have only started a short time ago in game and I was struggling a bit as I was not making much money and I was getting jumped almost every day on a random supercruise. :laughing: