Duel Controls Issue

I have a Gunfighter right stick and a gladiator as a left-handed stick. I spoke with VKB, and they said there wouldn’t be any issue with the two different types. I am having issues doing my key bindings, I am not sure if it is reading them as the same controller or if it is wired oddly. I am following a manual key binding on youtube and when I test out the controls it doesn’t want to function correctly. Has anyone had these kind of issues before?

Hey Belerun,

I posted this in ADI’s tech talk channel.
You may get quicker answers there.

I run a gunfighter right stick and gladiator (Omni) left stick and the game reads inputs normally. Left stick inputs should read (input 2) when you bind a button on that side.

Since the gladiator doesn’t use the control box like the gunfighter does, it just plugs into its own USB port. Nothing fancy.

Did you calibrate in the VKB software?