Dual Thrustmaster T.16000.m and TM pedals problem

Hello Maties, and sorry if this has been asked elsewhere
I am currently having a lot of trouble getting my dual Thrusmaster T16000.m sticks to even bind or work in Star Citizen.

I use them and the TM Ferrari wheel Pedals in Elite D. to great effect just bound through the keybinding interface, so i know that there, at least, there is no conflicts.

I find using keyboard and mouse for flying very counter intuitive and a game pad just doesn’t feel right either.

I am working at my local hospital and studying also so dont have time, or basic ability, to learn c programming language (as another commander told me i have to) to use the TARGET gui.

Can you guys help me get the sticks, and possibly pedals working in-game with the keybindings menu?

As of the now I have had SC for months and have yet to actually be able to launch and fly combat successfully. :frowning:

Everyone i have asked either ignores me, says they cant help or tells me i have to learn to program in “C”.

I have tried to get the in-game keybinding menu to recognise my sticks but it seems random at best as to what button is even recognized.

I downloaded the “dual T.16000.m script” on the Thrustmaster website but its half finished and has roll on left stick while pitch and yaw on right which is worse than silly (for me), as my sticks have a twist (Z) which is perfect for yaw, and roll and pitch should be X and Y respectively.


In E.D. I really like having:
Right stick X axis as roll
Y axis as pitch
Z axis as yaw .
Mini hat is power to shields engine and systems. (I’m guessing in SC this could be shields? or after reading some stuff gimbals? I really have no idea until I’m able to fly).

Left stick is what Star citizen calls jink i think, (in ED its thrust) ie:
Left stick X axis is directly left and right
Y axis is straight up and down
Z is forward and aft.
(I find these directions are very handy for faster turns and fine positioning and movements around objects like asteroids and landing stuff).
Mini hat is for menus, and until i get headtracking, is headlook with a toggleable keybind. (in SC im guessing this could be targeting and/or menus?).

Triggers and base buttons are set to various functions like targeting.

My pedals are left as accelerate and right as reverse.

Sorry for the long message mate, im really getting at a loss as to what todo, although i know the game actual is a log way off, I would like to get some flight practice in.

It’s really simple (at least it was in the last build of ArenaCommander)…

You dont have to install anything not even any special drivers for the T.16000.
Just plug them both in - windows will take care of them.

For configuration just start Arena Commander, go into the keybinding menu (extended) and assign every button to any function you need. By pressing the button Arena Commander will recognize which joystick you use and will assing the right button. You dont need any scripts.

I have 2 T.16000M and pedals… so if it helps, i can look into it later to make sure this information is still correct.