Dual Stick Setup

Hi All,

So I took the plunge and bought a Warthog Stick only and a T1600 for a two stick setup.

I haven’t really played the game at all since early Arena Commander days and never with anything but a Mouse and Keyboard.

I’m staring at the keybinds / setup of the controls but haven’t even come close to seeing how it really should be configured.

Anyone have any suggestions or configuration setups that I may be able to import?

Looking to put Yaw / Pitch on the Joystick 1 (Warthog) and Roll / Fwd/Back on Joystick 2 (T1600).


We have cfg’s for the most popular Hotas, tho dont think we have 1 for duel sticks. I would dl the warthog profile and then personalize it after to suit the duel stick, link below where you can find the cfg’s.


We will never have an official config for dual sticks because it’s not a viable setup for PU.

Thanks for the links to the configurations. I’ve downloaded the Warthog ones and will attempt to customize from there. I find it easier to work with the XML itself rather than the current ingame configuration tools to be honest.

Is there a reason why it won’t work for PU ?

Pilot fatigue and doesn’t give you much advantage even during knife fights in telephone booth.

I think it is individual, some people love it and are performing the best they ever had with duel sticks only with few days practice, the only thing that matters is when the dust settles is you’re alive and your enemy’s is dead and it is up each person to find whatever setup that fits them best to deliver the perfect performance and brings them the most joy with the game.

I purchased dual T16000’s and am using them in a dual flight stick set up. Some of the realities is that the joystick will never be useful for out of cockpit gameplay which means you need a mouse handy for jumping into and out of the cockpit. The other reality is targeting in a dog fight will never be as accurate with a flight stick as it will be with a mouse. I know from personal experience that I find that the T16000 has a real stiff feel. It is awesome for controlling flight speed both for acceleration and de-acceleration and gives the stick a real “solid” feel when flying. The down side, fine targeting when you are utilizing very small joystick movements causes you to fight this stiffness. There is plenty of time before Beta or release so I have time to learn and get better but I have not given up on exploring the use of a flight stick for my left hand and mouse on my right. This will likely increase my targeting accuracy and speed in dogfighting and also remove the hassle of going from flight stick to mouse when I land and leave my aircraft.