Drunk Driving

Guys, drunk driving is real! Just on my way home tonight I saw a drunk driver crash into another car, almost throwing the drunk driver’s car into on coming traffic. I made my point to render aid, however thank god no one was hurt. Guys, if you drink, have a way home pleaseeeeee other than driving yourself. I want everyone to be safe especially for the Americans with the 4th of July coming up. Be careful out there y’all.

An important and well said message as we all need to hear.

When reading this, please have this open:
Satellite view of the location: google.dk/maps/@56.4659279, … a=!3m1!1e3
Side street I were awaiting green: google.dk/maps/@56.465721,1 … RfktBQ!2e0
Trees on the right were cut down by now, and the blocking the street thingys are gone.

14th of May, I experienced a traffic accident.
It was the galla day, and I were late, going home. So I went to my car and drove out to the nearby intersection. It was raining heavily, and there was a lot of traffic. My car were the first in row from one of the side streets, so I saw the whole thing happen. So, the traffic were jammed up. So the traffic coming from the blocked traffic place you’ll see in the 2nd link, gave room for the left turning drivers to make their turn, to lighten up the congestion. However as you can see on the 2nd link, it’s a hill, and it goes down for something like a km, with different elevations. So this cyclist, having a green light just plumes into the left turning car and flew over the hood of it pretty much. He drove out of the intersection, and I just flew out of my car to help that poor girl. I’m mostly surprised that no one else except the driver that she crashed into, but no one honked their horn, so that is the part I am not surprised about, taken into consideration I were helping her up on her feet for pretty much 2 - 3 full cycles the lights. She weren’t hurt that much, a few bruises and the lights of the bike fell off, but nothing more than that.

I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but when turning left, the ongoing traffic have the right of way, so it’s the left turning drivers fault, even though she hit him while he turned left. Only fair in my mind.