Download the manual/guide

I’m new to SC. I know that the game is alpha, but is there a manual or any documentation that can be downloaded?
I’ve not found it so far.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there Istefan.

There are no manuals or documentation released at the moment for SC.
However, if you get on mumble with us I am sure there will be more than a few people willing to help you learn the game - especially tonight at Friday Flight Night (if you are available)!


I plan to be on at some point tonight. Wife wants dinner and movie, so I don’t know when that will be.

There used to be the BIG S.C.A.M. (Star Citizen Admirer’s Manual), but that was published in the late 2014 and after a super quick search I couldn’t find it from the internet. Many info found there might be quite obsolete.

Youtuber called “Demo Man” makes in my opinion great SC-related videos about the ships and about game mechanics. … /playlists

Other popular are:

There is the Area Commander Manual (PDF) - … 1a-V11.pdf

CiG has not updated it in a while.