Don't Fall For This Confidence Scam (Like I Did)


So I pulled a cargo mission in Lorville and I was holding the box waiting for the mass transit car to arrive. A player, one of three dressed alike, started buzzing around me like an annoying fly when I then noticed a player in chat ask, “what helmet is that”. Not seeing a down side in being civil, I responded. What I did not know was that in the course of responding in chat (MobiGlass), my avatar would put down the box, which one of the three players then promptly picked up. I ran after them into the rail car the player with my box put it down on the floor for me to pick up again. Luckily for me they were just three kids out having some fun at my expense. However, if they’d chosen not to return the box I don’t think there’s anything I could’ve done about it.


Con men in Star Cirizen, what a time to be alive.