Discord Details

Hello peeps.

I’ve been searching on the forums and website for any details about our Discord group, unfortunately I can find a lot of references to it and that we have it, but no link to invite myself into it. I’m sorry is this has been clarified already somewhere else, but I really couldn’t find anything so it seems like it’s not very intuitive to find it, wherever that info is.

In any case, where can I find the link to join ADI’s Discord? I know it’s used mostly for chat and off-the-record stuff, but I want to have both Discord and Mumble setup for ADI.

All the best!

It’s an announcement at the top of the ‘operations’ forum. If you can’t access this forum let us know.

If you hop onto mumble an Assistant Director or above can help you out.

Found it in Operations, thanks.

I’ll get in Mumble when I can for permissions, thanks!

I’m looking for the Discord server. I don’t see it pinned in the Operations forum.