detailed intro

Hey buddys, I thought I’d build a little more on my initial onboard post. So i’m looking to do bounty hunting primary, and light hauling /police missions on the side. The ship I have is the cutlass black with an upgrade to blue I’ll use when the blue is released in 3.1. I have experience in large and small fleet combat from my eve online days, and have a decent killboard of pirate asshats to back it up. Recently I purchased a 16000 hotus which I cant wait to try out. In real world i’m a U.S. Army finance officer, have prior enlisted experience in field artillery as a forward observer, and a carpenter on the side. So if you want to shoot the shit, pm me (pun intended). See you IN THE VERSE! and mumbles :smiley:

Welcome to ADI Doppelsoldner. I was a miner in Eve so I relied on people such as yourself to keep the ticks off of me. I am an Army medic and was in a Stryker battalion but I got attached to the observes all the time. Fun times were had by all. I am sure I will get to know you better as we get closer to release one of these years and until then happy hunting!

Hi Doppelsoldner,

Welcome to ADI. Myself signed up for FS and got Cutlass Black myself (without doors in 3.0) C u in the verse!

Awesome, its good to see some Military and Eve vets here. Yea bud, it felt great to save a miner cuz you guys keep the game economy moving!

Welcome to ADI Doppelsoldner it is nice to see you have a taste for pirate blood we will be hunting plenty when the game goes live and before. I have not served my self but I do have several family members that have been forward observers starting with my great grandfather during WWI and some of my cousins in the more resent years. Thank you for your service and I will see you around

good to meet you Doppelsoldner and welcome to ADI. yeah let’s do some ptu missions.

Hi Dopplesoldner,

Thanks for your service. It’s great to you have joining ADI. You’ll find a lot of former and present servicemen in the US and around the world. Sounds like you have a real vision for what you want to do in game. That’s awesome. The cutlasses are an awesome line of ships. It’ll be exciting to see 3.1 and later patches come out as more specific roles and ships are released. See you around sometime soon hopefully. Best wishes