Deployed player fun

Tried starting up Star Citizen but I had to do for login. After waiting forever I got in but my hydration was severely low. Then the game crashed as soon as I got to lobby. Tried again and didn’t make it down of door. Now the game crashes when I just try to start it.

Also noticed deployed player tag when I logged on second times.

Any ideas? You I reintall. I’ve verified the install several times.

Give it some time so it doesn’t list “unstowed” when you log in.

That shouldn’t cause the game to crash as soon as you click on it, should it. Think the verify crashes as well after it asks permission for the anti-cheat.

I reinstalled the game from scratch and was able to log in. My hydration was so bad my game vision was blurry. I tried going out the door to get some water but the game crashed again. Whatever is wrong with my character it seems to be braking the game so badly I can’t start it up after I log in the first time. Is character reset still down?