Delta6ix Introduction

hey i’m new to the game and interested in joining and learning how to play

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Welcome Delta6ix! We’ll be happy to assist you in learning about the game and ADI, so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! I look forward to flying with you around the verse!

Welcome Delta6ix, we’re always willing to help each other to learn and play in our favorite 'Verse, we can definitely show you around and we encourage you to reach out to any of us for any questions you may have.

Hi Delta6ix, Welcome to ADI. Glade to have you with us and I hope to see you in the verse.

Delta6ix what’s up man! Happy to see you here.

What other games are you coming from?

Welcome aboard Delta6ix! You picked a good place to call home. We have a lot of knowledgeable players.

Greetings Delta6ix! pleasure to have you on board. Feel free to jump on mumble and chat with us, ask questions. Look forward to seeing you out there.

Hello Delta and welcome to ADI! Get that onboarding done and become a member of our team! Let us known if you have any questions and see you in game!

Welcome again, Delta6ix. It was a pleasure getting to know more about you and your background. Hope that Cutlass worked out okay for you. If you have any questions, just drop a note. And don’t be shy about asking to checkout other ships, especially if you’re thinking about what to upgrade next. Try before you buy! Look forward to flying with you again soon. See you in the Verse!

Hi Delta! Welcome to ADI. Looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse after you complete on boarding.

Welcome to the org, Delta6ix! Glad to have you with us. We’ll make you a pro in no time. Things are constantly changing so you’ll get used to relearning things in the game. Again, welcome to ADI and I’ll see you around!

Welcome Delta6ix! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen, Delta6ix! Definately feel free to ask any questions you may have as there are plenty of helpful people here. Hope to see you out there!

Welcome to ADI Delta6ix. There is no better way to experience the verse than with a dedicated and active group, and that is what you have found with ADI. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Too many to name all of them but I’d say arma 3, space engineers would be big ones

I’ll have you know that I upgraded to one today. Thanks

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Welcome to ADI Delta6ix. We were all new once and we learn to play the game every time a new version comes out so you’re in good company. One thing you’ll like is that ADI has a strong mentoring spirit. We’ve got excellent people and they want to share their knowledge so don’t be shy about involving yourself in the org. I look forward to seeing you in-game.

Never too late to learn a new game! Welcome to the wide world of Star Citizen and to the org in general Delta! Feel free to ask questions or for backup when out and about in the forums here or in the chats of discord and mumble when you need and someone’ll lend a hand.

Been wanting to get into Space Engineers, seems like such a deep game

Welcome aboard to ADI Delta! Make sure to review the calendar for upcoming meetings and events. We hope you like ADI as much as we do! See you soon in the verse!