Deer195dark arriving confused

Been trying to get the game got a package game still broke tried everything I can find from everywhere spent days trying to fix the launcher and despite this shit still broke gets stuck on “launcher initializing” would love to join you all in game but everything is still very broken 5 days after getting the game support didn’t help either. Here looking for answers solutions fucking something at this point I would honestly take a witch doctor at this rate if it had a chance of fixing it

Hi Deer195dark! Sorry to hear your start with the game is frustrating so far. I do want to welcome you to ADI though. Trust that you will get past this hurdle and soon be flying with a whole team of expert game testers :saluting_face:

While this forum section is not exactly for support, we can likely help you out in our Mumble server. If you join there and sit in the lobby I will look for you and try to help you out with your system. I am an IT Lead Architect by day and long time Star Citizen player. Two initial notes… use your highest performance SSD for the install and make sure you have a paging file established (on an SSD) in the Windows System Properties under Performance Options > Advanced > Virtual Memory. Mine is large… 20gb as an example.

Welcome aboard. Star Citizen can certainly be challenging to play. Hop on Mumble or into the Discord and maybe someone can help you with a solition that has worked for them. Hope to see you in the Verse!

K going to be on around 2:18 est

@Deer195dark I work in IT and still struggle with their glitches sometimes!
It could be related to DNS if you set your DNS in Windows to primary and alternate as this has fixed me from downloading patch updates in the past.
If you need anything else give me a shout on Discord.

Welcome! Sounds like you’ve had a bunch of helpful replies already, but same as the rest I recommend hopping into mumble and taking it from there. There’s a whole org of people who can help out with newly anything! Hope to see you there sometime and in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, sorry your welcome is on a solom note as all of us are all too familiar with game bugs and just outright breaks. Hop in the mumble server and look through the tech support sections. Some people may have had the same issue and know what to do as a solution! Good luck to you and look forward to seeing you in the verse!


I’ll go on the the coat tails of other comments and re-iterate there are several members here with years of star citizen experience, think we can collectively come up with some resolution.

Welcome aboard and looking forward to seeing you in the verse

Welcome to ADI Deer195dark. I look forward to seeing you in our org ops.

Welcome to the Org. Hope to get to play with you at some point. If you have any questions let us know. Fly High

I will also agree with everything said. Ask around, you will find an answer.

Welcome to the Org. I hope you find the solution you are looking for. The game is great and our Org is amazing! I look forward to seeing you in the Verse.

Welcome to ADI! Sorry to hear that you have had a rough start to the game. There is a lot of knowledgeable people that might be able to help sort out the issue you are having. If you see me on poke me and i might be able to help. Im not an expert but i do the IT thing lol.

Hey @Deer195dark and welcome to ADI. Hopefully you have made sometime to hop into mumble and get some help, we have a lot of great IT people in ADI and they are always willing to assist. Also there is a lot going on in the game, once you get in if you need any assistance feel free to reach out. Hope to see you in the verse at some point.

I did finally fix this a clean install of windows 11 made the issue apparent my router was having issues causing the installer to download partially corrupted in a state where it couldn’t repair itself so I used a windows file repair app and it fixed the problem game installed hit like 7 more minor bugs and logged in for the first time to a very laggy server “switched to eu to fix that”

@Deer195dark Glad to hear you back in game, and welcome to the org

Welcome aboard o7