Hi my gamer tag is Deathvaine irl name Dave. Im interested in your capitol fleet and exploration and look forward to playing with everyone.

let it be the first to welcome you to ADI

Sorry Deathvaine. Lost internet (posting this from an iPad on 4G). But welcome.

Thanks magee.

Hey Deathvaine!

Welcome! I hope to be part of that capital fleet in some capacity one day too! Excited to hear more of your ambitions, see you around!

Welcome Deathvaine!

I spoke with you earlier today online. Glad to have you join us. Capital Fleet and Exploration are exciting areas. Once 3.0 comes out, even more so I think. Looking forward to having you around. Best wishes to you

Welcome Deathvaine!!!

Lets explore. can’t wait to find some crazy alien creatures and start an intergalactic war!!! j/k Intergalactic Peace!

Welcome to ADI! Its great to have you aboard!

Hi Dave,

welcome to ADI, looking forward to fly with you



Welcome aboard, Death Dave

Great to have you. I look forward to flying with you and exploring the verse. Happy Hunting!


Hello Dave - Great to have you on the team! Lots of work to do to support the fleet, so we’re very glad to have you!