DarkWolf saying hi

hi, Im interested in joining. looking for an org thats active, structured and organized, you seem to be it. Im experienced, disciplined and yours to command.

welcome dw salute

hi trayvian o7

cant find the page on mumble where the create new certificate icon is…

DarkWolf, welcome to ADI, the largest exclusive org in SC. We are all the things you’re looking for and much more. I’m glad you want to join the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s mass org ops and in particular, Mining & Salvage’s weekly mission ops.

Welcome DarkWolf! Happy to see you! This is indeed a great Org. Enjoy the Verse. Which role/s do you think you will try first?

Hi DarkWolf, welcome to the org. You’ve come to the right org for sure.

See you in the verse.

Hi DarkWolf, welcome to ADI. This is a great org I hope you enjoy.

Welcome DarkWolf!

Glad to have another member looking forward to organization and structure! What kind of ships are you flying these days?

Hey, buddy! Welcome!

thanks guys. I’ll escort, transport and provide combat support with the Valkyrie. also happy to be in a fighter squadron. or even temp as a crew/gunner and boots on the ground if needed. confident and fast enough to take and make command decisions. but just as importantly can also follow orders to the letter or ruthless efficiency if necessary. want to feel like im in an org thats organized and operates as a team/fleet. nothing supper serious but enough to be effective and efficient, whilst maintaining a friendly yet immersive experience. so I’ll go wherever support/assistance is needed in the org… My team/crew may wish to follow me, so the Valkyrie has crew ready and can break down into an effective fighter squadron.

ps, never used it before, but I hate mumble already

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You’ll fit in np with that mindset. Why do you hate mumble? Ought you need help with?

Welcome aboard @DarkWolf86! You have come to the right ORG then! Cause We are well organized and extremely active; not just in the 'verse but outside of Star Citizen in Other games!
looking forward to seeing ya in the verse

thanks and looking forward to flying with you guys also. and yes, i got mumble installed, just no clue how to use it. and your setting steps on here dont seem to help me. not sure if any your guys heard of guilded, but i,d recommend it. it supports inter channel comms for fleet high command and cpt ship to ship communication keeping ship crews/squadrons local comms separate. you guys mite be aware and just dont like it, but if not I really think you should at least look into or check it out. but either way :slight_smile: yes i need help with mumble pls

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