You’ll get caught up in the…

So. With SC now releasing their crossfire support ( I think ) I’d like to re-enable my crossfire. I have dual 7950s. Hot sex. So lately Ive been running without XF due to SC not supporting it. So having read that in the latest portion of patches, I was like hot damn.

My point: I run dual monitors. Both off HDMI cables. Currently I have one monitor plugged into each card and displayed appropriately. They both work, I have them connected and it’s currently “Stretch” so that I can skim from one screen to the next.

I switched to the XF, and my one monitor goes black, doesn’t display anything at all. Unfortunately, My cards opnly support on HDMI slot at a time, as I was going to try and plug them both into one. Is there a way to keep my HDMI ports connect with crossfire and get my other monitor to display, or am I going to have to return the one not working to VGA (vomit) and plug them both into one card. HALP. Not tech savvy.

Get a DVI to HDMI adapter/cable… they cost less than $10 and will allow you to hook up a HDMI monitor from the DVI port… and since both are digital no loss. … CVJO52K2YK

Best off running at DVI to HDMI adapter off the single card. Digital for the most part is digital. But i have found some HDMI sporting cards that do strange things with 1440p, where DVI-D/Display port is no drama.

I’ve looked for a solution for this as well, but never found one. (using both cards) I really prefer keeping one type or display port tech and one time of display cable, but with CF it just is not going to happen.

That something that annoys me to death about the 5xx, 6xx, 7xx Nvidia lines. Hard to find (impossible?) ones with 2 HDMI or 2 Display port. Only HDMI, DP, DVI-D, DIV-I per card.

And what makes me drool over the 980. Two display ports… Proformance smorformance, the reference card has TWO Display ports!

Oh the small crap we get happy about.