Cool Flying Video

You have to watch this video!

Thats so beutiful! What aircraft is that, its freaking fast!

The video was playing fast, probably just a regular 737 or similar airliner.

Speaking of cool flying. How about a trip in a Typhoon?

Or better yet…

Cool… did I mention lately I can’t wait for Star Citizen to come out?

Not in the last 24 hours, no.

Heh now I want to dig up falcon 4 or something, show em how to fly at insanely low levels. Too bad I don’t have the time to (or my HOTAS stick). Back when I use to play Planetside one of my favorite tricks with the Reaver was to fly at full speed in the trees a few feet from the ground. That is when I wasn’t playing as dropship pilot. I’m also equally nuts when flying helicopters and planes, such in ARMA or F4… Right JayC? :laughing:

Yeah Samurai, riding with you, requires a blindfold :wink:

I think I saw Frodo Baggins walking down there!