Constellation Phoenix or 600I luxury module

I’m looking to get a luxury ship but can’t seem to decide looking for some help.

Well what are you looking to do in luxury?

Hmm good question, maybe just a little bit of usablility I know it’s a luxury ship, so maybe cargo? Or just something that can give out a hit or defend?

IMO luxury ships are not meant to do things other than be shiny. If you are looking for luxury than the 600i is more along those lines, if you want something more useful than I would say the Constellation, but really you should be looking at more utilitarian ships if you want to do things other than cruise around looking like a pimp.

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Hey drdolphenquin,

The official gameplay types large luxury ships fall into are hospitality and transport. Same as the Crusader Genesis. The 600i Explorer can do exploration in style but I have doubts it’ll be as adept as say a Carrack in that role.

The best unofficial use of large luxury ships would be as party ships. If you’re out touring with friends and just chilling in the 'verse - not actually doing anything productive but just having a laugh.

If you did invest in a large luxury ship you could feasibly make a lot of money ferrying high-class players and NPCs. That being said, I don’t know if you could earn more ferrying a few high-class passengers than you could by loading up a Genesis with normal passengers. Quantity over quality I suspect.

They’re very niche ships, collector’s pieces really. But to answer your original question: 600i is a luxury ship from the ground up. The Phoenix is a renovated Constellation. So I’d choose the Origin ship, personally.

I see this is a tad bit of a necro so I’m curious as to what he chose if any yet lol. I had a Phoenix but got rid of it, the middle section is pretty but it really does feel like a luxury module stuffed in an Andromeda. I really like the 600iE a lot and been looking at r/trades but man it’s a good chunk to throw at it.

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To be honest screw it, its time for the 890 haha

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Aegis Retaliator maybe with its Module add-ons?

I like my pheonix, just hope they still improve the rest od the ship. A bit unhappy with the front section letting like a standard consultation with only a change in colour scheme.
Don’t get me wrong I like the consolation just feel that the pleonix still needs work in the front sections.

I don’t know about the 600i, it’s nice but feels like they wasted allot of space. For example the crew quarters, with ge admit of space they used I feel that each member of the crew could at least of had their own rooms.

I have to say that, given the choice, I’d go for the 600 every time. The interaction I’ve had with it on the PTU has really sold it to me… if I was in the market for a luxury taxi ofc :smiley: