Constellation Andromeda noob questions

So I upgraded my Titan Anvenger to a Constellation Andromeda. Yay me.

The modeling, texturing and general feel of this ship is amazing, I am simply blown away by the quality of the work done on ships in Star Citizen.

Lots of questions :

  • I understand this is supposed to be a general purpose/versatile ship ; are there plans to make it more or less modular (like, getting the P52 dock off to add a back turret, or trading the turrets for mining lasers or such things) ?
  • docking hatches : are those for getting onboard other ships, or smaller stations ? is this already ingame ?
  • max crew of 5 : ok but what would be a decent fly-able crew ? I guess the question will arise in many multicrew ships : would it be better to have a guy in the copilot seat or in a turret ? (or in the P52)
  • advice on the stock equipment ?
  • where are the goddam toilets ?

I cannot wait to fly with other team mates, in this ship or another one. I have to say this part of the game is very exciting. I cannot imagine a capital ship flying a crew of 20+ and involved in a fight, that must be quite an experience to live.

Unsurprisingly, many answers to be already found in forums, particularly here (Adiran’s post) : … ions.4062/