Constellation and P-52 and Ursa Rover

I’m a little confused about two things regarding my Constellation Aguila package.

  1. I have a P-52 Merlin in my hanger but its not listed in my hanger inventory on the web site. Do I get to keep it or is it just a temp until the constellation is in the verse?

  2. I have the buggy right now (Graycat) but I was under the impression that it would be replaced with a Ursa Rover when it becomes available. Is that correct or am I mistaken?

Any help on these would be much appreciated!

From what I gatherd doing some reading, I believe the Aquila comes with the Ursa rover (which is it’s own vehicle and doesn’t take away from the greycat), and has the ability to carry the Merlin but does not come with it. I think the Merlin is a placeholder.

I believe I have read that only the Taurus cannot launch the Merlin and the Phoenix comes with both a rover and the Archimedes fighter. I may have missed whether the Andromeda comes with the Merlin though.

Yes, the Merlin P-52 comes standard with the Constellation (Andromeda and Aquila versions. It will not be listed in your fleet inventory as it comes with the Constealltion.

The GreyCat in your hanger is part of your digital package you bought. The Ursa Rover will be added to your hanger once it complete development; currently the Ursa Rover is a artists representation only.

To my understanding just like with ships, where if you buy a concept like i did for the Vanguard harbinger, until the actual ship for the concept comes out you get something similar temporarily, like in my case for the vanguard harbinger i temporarily have a Avenger until i can fly a Vanguard. The Avenger is not shown in my hanger, but nevertheless i can fly it in Arena Commander. I believe you are seeing the same thing with your rover. You bought a concept rover and until that rover is available you get a different one as a temporary taste of what’s to come :slight_smile: hope this helps.

Thanks to Balin13, Rascovich, and Legatin for your detailed answers.

There seems to be conflict in the responses. Of course I prefer Legatin’s response the best because it gives me everything I want, but that’s driven by wishful thinking. I didn’t buy my package during the kickstarter or initial fundraising campaign, I purchased it recently so perhaps its changed? If you are interested, check out the pledge for the Constellation Aquila today and see if it matches up with your package or your memory of it from earlier in the campaign. Also, if you can point to an literature on the subject I would be obliged but no pressure.

Thank you again!

As I can see from looking trough the internet is seams that the Constellation Andromeda and Aquila get the p-52.
Here is what I was reading:
" Backers who own the Constellation Andromeda and the Constellation Aquila can fly their Merlins today! Additionally, pilots who have a Constellation Phoenix, 890 Jump, Idris or Carrack in their fleets will be awarded a loaner Merlin in place of their parasite ships that are still in development."
This is from the RSI website.
That means that your Constellation comes whit a p-52 and not as a separate ship. (It is a “child” of the Constellation Aquila “the parent”).
It doesnt say that you have a p-52 on the RSI website because the p-52 is a part of the Constellation you have.

Thanks, RedJelly! That’s very helpful and current (July 2015) news:

Here is a link to the RSI page mentioned by RedJelly … -Available