Config setup assistance for a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X

Does anyone have a config for a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X? My recruiter suggested I inquire. Additionally, if someone has one, I will need some instruction on how to load it. Sorry for the noobness, but I appreciate all the help!


I don’t believe that anyone currently has one. If you contact either me or Blaze in mumble one of us can help you get one set up. We’re in charge of making and maintaining the .xml’s, so we would be able to help you out.

Will do. Thanks for the reply.

Anyone have a good Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X setup config?

EDIT: Disregard, figured it out with the help of Youtube, “Joystick Swap” profile did the trick.


I have been using the thrustmaster fcs t.16000 for about a year. I just use as a left handed stick and mouse. I didn’t use the target software as it has been causing issues with Star Citizen. I used the generic joystick config in the game (swapped pitch/yaw), then manually configured all the keys, them saved the profile in-game as “thrustmaster”. Once you have the advanced profile built and exported, log out and exit Star citizen. Restart the game and go into the advanced keybindings section and load the profile. No need for the target software as Windows 10 loads the drivers automatically for thrustmaster devices.

Hope this helped. I love my thrustmaster and hope you enjoy yours. If you have any questions or recommendations, please hit me up!


Here’s what I used.

This is the xml file for one’s controls folder:

The throttle was bound to strafe b/c throttle is otherwise disabled in uncoupled mode.

R3N is quite correct about the TARGET software. It disables the T.160000 hat and reassigns the throttle slider. However, I’m forced to use TARGET because I want my Mumble PTT on the T.160000, and Mumble can’t map from it. My solution was to ALSO map my hat to KB keys (the setting sheet above is outdated in that respect).

Curious as to what the issue is that mumble PTT won’t bind to your t16000. It works great for me without using target. I don’t recall doing anything special for it to work.

Yeah, I have Warthogs and Crosswinds and no longer use Target THANK GOODNESS! If Windows Run joy.cpl Properties recognizes all peripherals, buttons and hats, then you’re all gold, just a matter of assigning key binds whether Star Citizen or Mumble.

I have both throttle and mouse keybinds for Mumble no problems. Every time there’s a new release I just rebound/verify all the Hotas binds and flying pretty quickly.

I bind it to the trigger button (right hand has the trigger). It may work fine from other buttons.

so perhaps a conflict as right trigger is generally fire group 1? I have it set to the right most thumb button on mine without issue, but also depends on your keybinds I suppose

Yeah, I haven’t taken the time to see if the issues persist for right-hand configuration.

I had PTT on my mouse, but off-loaded it so I could aim/shoot and talk at the same time. The stick thumb side buttons I use for missiles and CM. Easier than the middle mouse button, I guess…