Computer Upgrade

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to make an upgrade to my computer but I can’t afford to do everything at once so I wanted some advice on what you think will help me most with Star Citizen. Here is my current rig:

i7 4790K with water cooling
ASUS Gaming TUF Motherboard
32GB DDR3 1600 RAM
Soundblaster X-Fi Fata1ity Soundcard

Should I upgrade the CPU and motherboard first or would I be better off getting an newer GPU?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

What hard drive do you have?

What is your budget?

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SDD is huge reason players are having trouble.

If your thinking of getting a GPU, i would keep putting a little more away each month till you can do better than a 1070. (my opinion)

I have a 1TB WD SSD currently and I would like to keep it to $700-$800

My choices that I am looking at:

Ryzen 7 with ASUS AM4 TUF motherboard and 32GB of DDR4 4400 RAM or
RTX 3080/2080

Well I have heard that Star Citizen is very CPU intensive so that is why I was thinking that upgrading the CPU first might be better since the 1070 is more than is required for the game but I am not sure. Just looking for thoughts and experience of others.

My biggest issue is getting constant 10Ks and 30ks with the occasional crash to BSOD which I only get from playing Star Citizen.

You want to stick with Intel for Star Citizen, Intel runs SC better. I run AMD and I wish I would have remained with Intel for Star Citizen gaming. My next refresh will be Intel.

Really, I have been an Intel guy for a long time but I have heard the recent AMD processors are better and cheaper, what Intel processor do you suggest, I don’t think I could swing an i9, too pricey.

pretty sure everyone gets a 10k, 30k and BSOD now and then and sometimes more frequently depending on server status. I personally would hold off for a GPU right now, the rumor mills point to possible 3070TI with 16gb of ram which could be a sweet spot for mid range. If you need something now, CPU/MB and RAM could be the winner now and then stash cash for the GPU upgrade.

Just my thought, i am currently planning to build a new system the start of the 2021 so am currently researching what i want etc…

AMD will play the game but not as good as an Intel, and you are good with that, purchase an AMD. But Intel will run SC better.

I am not sure if Telemetry is working or not but when it is, you will see Intel run SC at higher frames.

OK, I will do more research on CPUs and what a decent i7 cost would be in comparison to the Ryzen 7. I get a lot of 10Ks, I rarely can finish a ROC mining mission without crashing or 10K. It has gotten noticeably worse for me since 3.10, almost to the point of not wanting to play out of frustration.

OK, thanks I will do more research and comparison to see what my options are. You think CPU should be before GPU?

just checking the googles, and i think your CPU is about 6 years old. I think and I could be wrong, the 10 series GPU is slightly newer than that. Its possible that your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU. Not saying your GPU would be screaming if it had the latest and greatest CPU, but its something I would consider.

and gain, right now with all the Nvidia stuff and new AMD GPU stuff being released now/soon its probably best to wait to see what happens with all those releases to see what goodness we get to choose from.

full disclosure- I am not a PC pro, just in the middle of doing my own research for my own PC build and happened to see your post:) There are a ton of people in this ORG that are way smarter than myself lol.

I think you should work on the foundation first as long as your current card is compatible with your next cpu and board.

Thanks, more research it is.

for me also, i have been playing around with the pcpartpicker website to use as a reference only for pricing and also compatibility. again, only reference and i use more than that site but the lay out is sort of handy for me.

one more thing, there is a tech talk section in the ADI discord. I check it out pretty often to see what others are saying, especially since quite a few ADI peeps work in tech in some way.

The AMD CPU I was looking at was the Ryzen 7 3700X and it shows favorably with the i7 10700K and even outperforms it on some tests in this video. More research and comparison is needed.

Pilum, there is a lot of good info out there. the i7 is more than enough, but Yes, I would do as other suggestions if you need something now, grab a future proof Mobo and CPU. keep saving up for a gpu. 10 series nvidia’s are already 2 generations old.

if your room temps are bad then yes water cool, if you haven’t noticed a change in temps coming off the PC, just stick with what you have. (provided you aren’t OC’ing anything).


I have a motherboard in my PC that is from the I7 Gen 1 days, it was (still is) a solid mother board, no monster in terms of what is out there now though. I am giving it its last upgrade now but next time it will be replaced as there is no place to go after this one.

My plan for the next PC upgrade is the same, get a motherboard that is solid and has lots of room to grow for a future upgrades, reuse what I can from the current rig GFX, Case, PSU, SSD, Cooling and replace what will have to change because of the motherboard (CPU and RAM) with something within budget but still decent . Then slowly upgrade the rest when my budget allows or is a current bottle neck for my purposes.

That has worked really well for me and is something to consider, i.e. invest in the core to make it a future proof and get the most out of it in the long run.

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Well your current system beats mine and I wont be able to upgrade for some time.

Sorry got cut short. I have sought out different advice myself. SsD a is a must. Intel is preferrable.

I am not sure if you are having issues or not.
I have a ryzen 5 1600, 16 gig ddr4, gtx 1060 6gig and an ssd. I run on low and do get some stuttering from time to time.

My best advice is if you are in a playable state right now. Do not rush out to upgrade. Find the cpus gpus and mobos you want price wise then find out who has them running SC. Or at least their specs if you can make sense of that (those are usually beyond me).

I am glad you are asking this as when it comes time for my upgrade this will help me too.

Hope you find what you are looking for.