Computer issues and my inability to be active in game

Hello my fellow ADI members. Recently I joined your community after much consideration as to whether or not I should get Star Citizen. Sadly however it shall be quite some time before I can actually play as my current rig is to weak to play the game effectively. I have attempted to upgrade my core processor to alleviate this issue but sadly most of my hardware was made before 2015 and by modern comparisons, rather outdated.

I will be looking to replace my rig with a far more current one once the funds become available to do so. I’m hoping the wait will not be too long but I still want to apologize in advance as it makes me feel like I’m not carrying my weight as an ADI member. I hope to resolve this as soon as I can. Thank you all for your time and I hope to see you in the verse soon.

Update: A friend of mine found and amazing deal for a very good PC and should have it by end of next month or beginning of June. Here’s the link if anyone is curious: Error during processing.

No worries, as always, “Rule #3 - Real life comes first”. Take your time, and don’t ever feel like you have to spend money to be a part of the org.

Oh I know but I still like to be active in any groups that I’m in. Thankfully that won’t be an issue here for much longer at least.

Keep in mind there is no participation requirement for members. Many of our members join and then go inactive for years before returning when either they feel the game has more playability or they were finally able to update their systems.

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@SokeCryo if you haven’t yet ordered that computer, I’d hold up. Couple of issues.

  1. Intel CPU’s are dollar for dollar better than AMD for Star Citizen game play.
  2. 8GB of RAM is not enough to play Star Citizen currently, and likely not enough long term, you need a bare minimum of 16GB of RAM with all programs closed to play today, and most of us work recommend 32GB.
  3. The 3060 video card is on the lower edge, and should only be used with 1080p monitors, and still will under perform in Star Citizen.
  4. A 400 Watt power supply is less than recommended for that CPU and GPU combinations by a good margin, I’d want a 650+ watt power supply for that system.

Hey @SokeCryo get in touch with me and I might be able to help you with getting a good pc put together if you want.

Hey JayC I have a EVGA 2080 Super and I get no lower then 80 FPS at 1440P so 3060 should be fine at 1440p

A 3060 is ~20% slower than a 2070 Super, which can not do 1080p at 60 fps reliably in SC. Your 2080 Super is ~40% faster than a 3060. If it was a 3060 Ti or 3070 it would be a different story.

A 3060 for sure should not be used for 1440p monitors in SC.

Ah ok i havent done much research on it, thanks for the info Jay

just wanting to clarify the link shows only the basic computer. I paid extra for 32 gb of ram and I am looking into getting a better power supply for it. I know this computer wont be the best at running SC but the fact of the matter is that it will run far better than my current computer can. I would love to get a high spec rig, but money is very tight for me and I cant afford to spend any more than this for now at least.

@SokeCryo I completely understand, just wanted to give you a heads up, before you bought a computer then realized it wouldn’t play SC at all, or very very poorly.

The memory upgrade will help a lot, and as long as you run it on a 1080p resolution, you should be able to play SC.

That’s the goal. I play a lot more than just SC so I was keeping that in mind when buying it. I’ll probably wait till the game is closer to it’s actual release before getting a proper rig to run it.

Besides while graphics are nice, I don’t mind if it’s not the best graphics available, so long as I enjoy playing the game.

It’s not a question of how good the game looks, but the FPS, which can be a bit of a slideshow on slower GPU’s.

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