Citizen Con stream

So as of right now I haven’t watched all of the stream, only about 55 mins. BUT I’m very excited with the updates to AC v 1.0 ( although I dont have AC pass yet). I’m wondering what yall are looking forward to, what update are you most excited about.

Right now it would have to be the improvements to targeting and guidance systems. as well as emissions management and advanced power management.

I will say I’ve been researching the HUD, CIV, and other display systems and a bit overwhelmed with the information thrown at you to properly and expertly pilot your ship. Don’t get me wrong I’m loving every bit of it, still with all the new systems being added I’m afraid I"m gonna be way behind the curve when I finally get to play AC.

Is it possible to get training videos one day to understand how to effectively use the displayed info .


Actually I have a PDF lying around that does a good job explaining simple things. I don’t know how accurate it will be come v1 but, it’s a start.

I’ll have I wait till I’m home to find it