Chip42 Intro

Hello - I originally began playing about four years ago (same moniker). I play with Hollow1461 and Yellowskys. I’ve enjoyed salvage and I’m terrible at ground/air fighting.

Welcome aboard, Give me shout for salvaging, always up for it

Welcome to ADI @Chip42! I’ve been more of a miner myself, but have been dabbling in salvage (and cargo hauling) lately. Hope to see you in Mumble soon!

welcome to ADI
Glad to meet you today in onboardings
I started off as an air combat pilot but salvaging felt like home in the end. Thats all I do now.
hope to see you in the verse

Great to meet you @Chip42, looking forward to seeing you in the verse

Welcome to ADI, Looking forward to adventuring in the verse with you.


Sounds like you are going to love playing with the CIM part of the Org, Mining and Hauling is what they enjoy doing, think your going to fit right in with the team :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI @Chip42
If you need anything at all please do let me know and hope to see you in the verse soon!

Welcome to ADI Chip42. I hope to see you out for our weekly salvage events and of course or mass org ops. See you in the game.

Welcome to ADI Chip o7 looking forward to play the game together.
I’m enjoying salvaging as well, that is where the real aUEC are made nowadays :stuck_out_tongue: (and psst… i’m more than terrible at air fighting but don’t tell anyone else :$)

Welcome Chip,

I do love salvage. Hopefully, we can run into each other online. You picked a great Org to get some training so you can feel more comfortable with combat if that is your thing. If not, you always have folks online who can look out for you while you make all the money. I look forward to playing together, and once again… welcome.

Welcome in, looking forward to seeing you in the verse and hope to bump into you sometime!

Welcome to ADI O7
Hope to see you out there.

Welcome to ADI Chip o7
Nice to see you onboard and waiting to play with you in the 'verse bud!