Hey guys. Looking forward to meeting some cool people to play with.

Hey Chess,

Welcome! Was great getting to know you a bit on Mumble, looking forward to getting in game with you more!

We look forward to meeting you too goo sir! You will definitely meet some cool people in this org…I am not sure I am one of them though :laughing:

Hi ChessWithTheDevil,

Looking forward to getting to know you and play some games as well. Glad you could join us with 3.0 around the corner. See you on mumble sometime hopefully

Hi Chess,

nice to have you here, hope we could continue our spectrum conversation here in discord. Welcome to the Org



Hey Chess - Great to have you here! Looking forward to seeing you around the verse!

Hello Chess,

Welcome to the party! Glad to have you on our team. Looking forward to playing in the verse!