Character Creation every time?

New to game and to ADI. The last few months I have been absent because of medical reasons, life got in the way BIG time! :rofl:

Anyways… seems every time I log on, it takes me to character creation. Is this normal? Kind of a pain to have to go thru all that again.

Just wandering…

No it’s not normal to have to do it every time you start the game.

If you’ve been gone and skipped the patches and hot fixes the last 6mo then yes, there were multiple character resets/soft resets. But if you’ve just logged in recently it should only be the one remake.

Ok, my account is jinxed! Lol! I create character, go thru tutorial, ride around the ship I bought. Come back next day, character creation again…

Try a character repair?
Beyond that may have to either wait until they perform another hard reset and try again or contact CIG to see if they can fix it.