Change in Moniker/Name

To whom it may concern,

I have changed my name/handle/moniker in SC to Marcus_Antonius from Avo_Man. Please advise to whom I inform and what action I need to take in order to enact the update/change.

Marcus_Antonius formely Avo_Man

Thanks for letting us know, whenever you come on Mumble next time please ask a Staff member to update your name there.

Your forum name has been changed to MarcusAntonius, use the new one to connect from now on.

Cheers for that, will do.

HI guys i want to change my name in atlasdefense forums and muble to Cpt_CATAPHRACT.
Thanks in advance.

Your username is update on Mumble from Cataphract to Cpt_CATAPHRACT, and to CptCATAPHRACT here on the forums.