CH CombatStick USB? - driver issue?

I’m trying to install my old CH CombatStick USB into my windown 10 system. The Combatstick is recognized by win10, but the device manager status says there is an (error 37) “failure to initialize driver”. My guess is that I need a different drive, but I’m not sure where to find it.

Does anyone use the CH-Combatstick USB on windows 10? And if so, how did you get it to work?

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I do not but have you asked this in the discord tech_room chat? The guys in there are usually quite quick at getting back to us.

I use the CH Pro Pedals for rudders and has the Control Manager underlined download link midway down the page. Make Sure you click Read More to expand the page. Also gives instructions on the page. And this is for about installing for CH USB versions only. I also found the main page for the Control Manager and Combat Stick too. Just click Read More to see the whole page.

The Control Manager software allows a user to program their CH USB devices. The CH Control Manager currently supports the following CH USB devices…

  • Multi Function Panel (MFP)
  • Fighterstick
  • Combatstick
  • Flightstick Pro
  • Flight Sim Yoke
  • Pro Throttle
  • Throttle Quadrant
  • Pro Pedals

Link Below:
Control Manager Link:

CH Combat Stick Link:

CH Pro Pedals Link:

Might call them or Email them for serial connections or other issues.

What USB port are you plugging it into. Historically its been more of a Saitek issue where which USB port you use matters, it is possibly a factor here as well. Here is a discussion where people are having similar issues.

If windows detected and installed drivers for the device I’m doubtful that is the cause. Other than incorrect drivers, I’ve also seen “error 37” issues when a device is either failing or has power issues. I would try and see if switching between USB 2.0 and 3.0 makes a difference, as well as if it works when plugged into a powered USB hub. That last one is usually the fix for Saitek issues. You may need to perform a system restart after moving to a different port and installing drivers.