How do new people get them to join with org, operations. I seem to be at a lose here

Marine Certs are currently on hold during the summer. When they are resumed, there should be posts in the Forums and Discord. You should also see some posting on the Calendar page.

All that said, it shouldn’t stop you from participating in the Op. If you do end up in a marine role, just follow what the others with you are doing/saying, and you’ll be fine.

Thanks appreciate it thought I couldn’t participate in the next ops

There should be other certs following as well, and definitely when the game goes Gold.


Currently the marine cert is NOT a requirement to participate in the org ops. There are far more gunner and pilot slots in an op than Marine.

A Marine cert does help get you into an op if there is a need for Marines. However we have put players into a Marine role w/o the training if we must and they just do the best they can to follow along.

If I’m planning it, I also let the Marine Team Leader know who isn’t certified so they know who to give additional guidance to before/during the op.

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