Hi all.

Not much to say really. I am a noob, that being said, an eager and determined one. Not quite sure how much detail I should put here so I doubt it would be too long. Being a bit of a trekky, I am interested in exploration myself, and I am excited to playing with you all. Apologies for the short intro. But then again, I hope you will all get to know me through game, and I am more than excited to get to know all of you.


Hey there! Welcome to ADI. Best place to get acquainted is our Mumble server, and if you’re comfortable, come out on Friday nights for fun flight and a little training ( see the calendar for times ).

Anyways, welcome to the crew! See you in the verse.

Exactly what Rom said - come by Mumble to chill and feel free to jump into a flight with some of the members!