Hello, my name is Derek and I am a prospective member. I pledged to RSI in July and now that 3.0 is available, I am just beginning to explore the Verse and familiarize myself with the gameplay. I intend on being an active member of the organization if I am excepted.

Hello Castlin, welcome to our forums. You’ve found a great group of mature gamers to explore the verse with. What type of game play are you most interested in with Star Citizen? Be sure to jump on our mumble server, the instructions for setting that up can be found on this page:

If you have any further questions about SC/ADI please feel free to ask. You’re welcome to PM me here or on the ADI Discord.

Hey Derek! It’s nice that you have interest in our family! Everyone here are great and friendly! Also there is always something to do! Our Org constantly has things planned and events happen so I look forward to seeing you in the verse during one of them!!

Hi Derek/Castlin,

Welcome aboard indeed it is a magnificent universe that slowly unfolds for us. Good that you joined so we can experience this together. See you soon on mumble,

bye changenl

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Castlin! glad to have you with us, see you in the Verse’

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, Castlin!

I hope you find a home here with ADI. Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.

I hope to see you in the PU mate. :slight_smile: