Can't access personal inventory or claim/retrieve ship

So last Thursday, SC started bugging out on me:

  • I can’t access my personal inventory
  • my mobiglass won’t load
  • I can’t claim or retrieve any of my ships from storage at any spaceport
    -I have to select my residence every time I load the game

I haven’t lost any credits or items but the game has become unplayable for me. I’ve submitted the issue to RSI’s Issue Council and contributed to a few very similar issues posted as well.

Kind of annoying that the game has been reduced to only letting me wander the spaceports in the game considering Invictus week is coming up.

Has anyone else had any (or all) of these issues? Are there any known workarounds? I’ve yet to find any online and I’ve done 2 character resets with no improvement on these issues.

Consider me floating in the verse’s void for now :sob:

  1. Try logging out and back in right away.
  2. Save your control settings and delete your users file, so it forces the game to redownload your files.
  3. Last resort, reset your account.

Thanks. I’m reinstalling again before I reset my account this evening. Fingers crossed it works this time!

Good news: it worked! All the bugs fixed.
(Very slightly) bad news: I didn’t get off of work and online until 15 min before patch time.

See y’all later tonight and a whole lot more this weekend!

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