Hey guys my name is Caerwyrn (KAY-er-wern),

I decided to join up with you guys when I saw that a good chunk of you are prior or current enlisted people. I did 5 years in the Air Force and miss it from time to time. I dont get to talk to many people from services anymore too much since I got out and miss the comraderie and the variety of common interests that usually come with it.

My current rig plays SC okay, but I hope to get a new one before full release. As for my roles I like to play, I like security, bounty hunting, trading and exploration. The pack I got has the Hornet Ghost so I am excited to get to try the stealth portion of this game out.

As for my experience in the genre, I currently play Elite and am half decently built up on there, and many years ago I played EVE so I have some background there too. If you want to talk about either of those or play them yourself shoot me a message!

Well, thats all I can think of for the time being, hope to hear from some of you. I plan on starting to get caught up in the forums and get back in the SC loop.

  • Caerwyrn

Also, I currently use Keyboard/Mouse but plan on seting up my HOTAS at somepoint, just have to figure out how to use the thing. So if anyone knows about all that I would appreciate the help.

it’s a pleasure to meet you you on boarding you now

Welcome to ADI Caerwyrn,
You can poke me if you need help with setting up HOTAS, i know thing or two. I myself aslo use HOTAS.