Building new Rig

Some may have seen it on Discord, didn’t really think ahead to post it, been a crazy few days for me. Now, since I actually have a job, I’ll start having my own cash to spend. I had to revise my original plan to something more economical, cause originally I wanted to get a $1000+ PC with a monitor about $1000. Instead been looking at some Desktops with i5s and i7s with at least 1TB or more as well with additional drive slots, however, the ones I’ve been looking at don’t have the multi-slots. Looking on Newegg for it, and don’t worry, I’ll use the link for ADI.

If there’s stuff on Amazon I can get, Please link it.

Ok so budget of $1000 including a screen.

First question: regarding the screen.

If you were to choose between the following, which would you choose:
Higher resolution / lower refresh rate - commonly preferred for ‘prettier’ games like the Witcher series, etc
Lower resolution / higher refresh rate - commonly preferred for FPS games and other ‘twitch’ reaction games - like CoD or BF1/BF4

Second questions: regarding peripherals

What peripherals do you already own - do you intend to upgrade any of those peripherals - if so what do you intend to replace - what do you intend to re-use. Note peripherals are things like mice / keyboard / head set / etc

Third question: current system

Are there any components on your current computer that you think we could re-use
If you currently only have a laptop the default answer is no
If you currently have a tower, stuff like optical drives, or extra disk drives may be extremely useful at keeping cost down and allocating more of your budget to other more important things

Fourth question: Timing

When do you intend on building your computer - is this something you are looking to do NOW or is it more likely to be Q1 2017 when you start purchasing stuff.

The reason I ask this is because pricing can change a lot over a few months and we want to build out your rig as close to when you want to buy it as possible.

Fifth question: Brand Loyalty

Do you prefer / want to have: NVidia or AMD for a GPU
Do you prefer / want to have: Intel or AMD for a processor

Sixth Question: Use

Is this a purpose built gaming machine or are there other things you intend to use it for (other than internet that is). Do you plan to do video editing, 3D design, rendering, music mixing, etc etc etc?

This should at least get us started!

adding reply so I can follow thread. I’m building a rig soon myself, and will listen to you guys for ideas. I’m probably gonna hold off til I get my tax return.

The screen comes from the Microsoft Store, its a curved screen. A Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor,

Specs:Tech specs

  • Diagonally viewable size:34" (34-inch wide viewable image size)

  • Aspect ratio: Widescreen (21:9)

  • Optimal resolution: 3440 x 1440 at 60Hz

  • Contrast ratio: 1000 to 1 (typical)

  • Response time: 8 ms (gray to gray) Normal Mode; 5 ms (gray to gray) FAST Mode

  • Viewing angle: 178° vertical / 172° horizontal

  • Color support: Color Gamut (typical): 91% (CIE1976), sRGB 99% (average Delta E of<3)
    1.074 billion colors

  • Pixel pitch: 0.2325 mm

  • Display type: Widescreen flat panel display

  • Backlight technology: LED

  • Display screen coating: Antiglare with hard-coating 3H

  • Built-in devices: USB3.0 Hi-Speed Hub (with 2 USB upstream port and 4 USB downstream ports)
    Speakers (9W x 2 = 18W)

  • Voltage required: 100 to 240 VAC / 50 or 60 Hz ± 3Hz / 1.5 A (typical)

  • Power consumption (Operational): 55W (typical) / 130W (maximum)

  • Power consumption standby / sleep: Less than 0.5W

  • Connectivity: 1 HDMI (vr2.0) connector
    1 MHL connector
    1 Mini DisplayPort
    1 DisplayPort (version 1.2)
    1 DisplayPort out (MST)
    1 Audio Line out
    4 USB 3.0 ports - Downstream (4 at the back)
    2 USB 3.0 ports - Upstream

  • Dimensions: With stand (H x W x D): 16.09" (compressed) ~ 20.62" (extended) x 32.47" x 8.50"
    Without stand (H x W x D): 14.65" x 32.47" x 3.00"

  • Weight: Panel only for VESA mount: 18.60 lbs.
    With packaging: 38.56 lbs.

Link to screen for more details: … 2016-en_US

I need a really large screen cause I have Sony Vegas 9.0c and it takes a ton of space on my current monitor, which is only 1280x800 at the moment. But roughly that is what I am aiming to have, keep the one I have now and have it as a screen for mumble, communications and notifications, etc. which would also be connected to a KVM to my current PC which I would remove the games and swap em over to the new rig with the quad-core. I would leave the card I have now in the old rig and get better card for the new rig. however this would take awhile before I can do a large setup. Old rig would be the important stuff like schooling, finances, etc.

Basically the entire plan for me atm is little by little, build the new rig, get the new PC with the i5/i7, get new graphic card later, then take the RAM sticks out of the new and put them in the old(if possible), if need be, get more RAM, get the new monitor, get a new external SSD(Current only is a HDD), get the KVM, and if needed, a new desk. One I got is ok for now. On the monitor deal, if there’s ones similar and cheaper on amazon, would love to check em out.

Ok, so am i correct that you have a $2000 budget for both the PC and the display?
And you currently having $800 of that budget allocated to the screen (Dell 21:9 1440 UW)
Leaving $1200 to be allocated to the tower.

Also this is clearly not just a gaming machine.
Other intended uses are Virtual Machines and Video editing.

Get one you like
Get one that is minimal
Don’t waste money on the case.

I would generally suggest an Intel i5-6600K for a build like this (~$250 USD)
If your Sony Vegas is capable of utilizing the hyper threading capabilities of the i7, you may also want to go that route (~$350 USD).

If you are not going to overclock your processor… you know what … no, just get the K version regardless, you can always overclock later then.

In order to run the Dell 21:9 1440 UW at 60 Hz / 60 FPS you are probably going to need at least an RX480 / GTX 1070. If the budget allows it, a GTX 1080 would be preferable. Avoid the EVGA GTX 1080s at the moment as they have been having thermal problems recently.

MoBo: I am a fan of ASUS - good quality products (though terrible customer service). An acceptable alternate is GigaByte or MSI. You dont need to spend a ton of money on the motherboard. Shoot for something LESS THAN $150 USD.
Key functionality you want included on your MoBo:
GDDR4 with OC capability to 3200 (if you choose one with another OC speed - make sure it matches your RAM)
Wireless Internet build in - make sure it has 5GHz capabilities

GDDR4 288 pin - nothing else. Unless your current machine is running GDDR4, you will not be able to pull RAM from that machine for your new tower. Keep that in mind with your budget.
You can find good GDDR4 ram at a 3200 speed and 16GB (dual channel) for less than $100 USD
Again - match your RAM OC speeds to your MoBO RAM OC speeds.

Processor Cooler:
This is preference.
Zalman makes incredible coolers.
Cooler Master makes incredible coolers as well
A corsair All In One (AIO) is also a wonderful option - though may be stretching the budget.

Note: if you do not intend to overclock your CPU you may not need an aftermarket cooler.

Get an SSD for your OS and primary programs
Get an HHD for files and lower priority programs
Your budget does not allow for a 1TB SSD.

Currently a Samsung 850 Evo (250GB) can be had for less than $100 USD
I suggest Western Digital for your HDD - get a black if it fits in your budget / otherwise a Red will suffice - a 1TB can be had for ~$75 USD and a 2TB can be had for ~$125 USD

Don’t bother with NVMe Drives - they don’t fit in your budgetary goals for what this system is going to be.

Power Supply
Again Corsair is usually a great supplier.
That said, a decent amount of research should be done with regard to your PSU - every supplier has good and bad models.
Dont get a PSU that has WAY more capacity than your power requirements. Goal is ~100W more than your peak power usage.
DO NOT SKIMP ON YOUR PSU - so many people buy the cheapest PSU for their machine and blow up their system.

This brings you to anywhere between 1750 and 2250 USD depending on your processor and GPU choices.

Since you are planning on building this in a step-wise manner, im not going to build out a specific system unless you really need help doing so. The budget wont hold since prices are pretty variable at the moment.

Key things to note:
The Intel Kaby Lake processor line releases Q1 2017
With the Kaby Lake comes the Z270 motherboards.
The GTX 1080 Ti and the next Radeon GPU are expected to drop in Q1 2017 - this could potentially reduce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 prices as well as the RX480 price.

Other items to keep in mind:
Do you need an OS - if you purchase it legitimately this will usually run ~$100 USD for MS10
If you have access to student discounts - USE THEM - student versions of OSs are the same
Do you need an optical drive - if so, dont leave this out - expect this to run ~$20 USD
DO NOT FORGET CASE FANS - you need air circulation for this system. Make sure you match CFM in to CFM out of the case.
Corsair and Noctua make some of the best fans on the market. Avoiding LEDs will save money.

Hope this helps - let me know if you have questions.

The Computer I have in mine is actually about $400-$500 i5/i7. Its really the Hard Drive Rack bay that I’m not seeing in a lot of the PCs, I mean, do they think its not needed?

Also do some searching on Amazon, looking at machines that are under $600, so gives me more leeway in cash and going with 4K monitor or 2 under $400. So that in total would estimated about $600 - $1000, which is a much better result, and possibly about another $100 - $175 for memory and fans, ones I have are a bit old, don’t know if they changed em so better safe than sorry.

Ment to say “in mind”, why isn’t there a edit function for our forums?

If that is the route you wish to go then by all means - however I will STRONGLY suggest against that path.

I can guarantee you a ~$500 USD machine will not adequately run a 1440 21:9 UW and it will absolutely not be capable of running a 4K monitor at gaming standards. A single 4K monitor at 60 FPS is taxing for a GTX 1080 - which is a ~$600 USD GPU in and of its self.

My suggestion would be to re-align your expectations with your budget.
If you are stuck hard on a $1000 budget for SCREENS AND TOWER (which you still have not made clear ; first post you’re willing to spend $1k all in, second post you’re discussing purchasing an $800 monitor with a $1000 for a machine, next post it sounds like you are back to $1000 budget…) then a machine running 1440 at 60Hz or 1080 at 120 Hz is far more likely than a 4k machine or a 1440 UW machine.

I will again suggest you go through my questions in my earlier response to clarify what you are looking for and what your goals are.

Also - there is an edit button on our forums - it is at the top right of our post.

A very useful tool if you are willing/adventurous enough to try building your own rig: (link removed)

Does price comparison shopping for you (Amazon is among the online storefronts) and also has compatibility filters so you wont accidentally buy parts that will not work together.

Edit: We don’t allow links to PC Parts Picker.

My bad about that link - didn’t realize that site was a no go :slight_smile:

Here is a simple rule of thumb… you build a new PC around two things. The applications/games you want to use, and the monitor you want to drive.

Everything else is determined by those 2 issues, if you pick a screen or app that you can’t run within your budget then something must give, either dropping the screen resolution, or the application/game list it must run.

You can build a decent gaming rig for $1000 if you’re going to run a 1080p monitor. If you want to run ultra wide, 4k, or 2k monitors, you’re going to need more budget, or limit the computer to browsing the web :slight_smile:

Give us a specific screen resolution you want to run and a budget… and there are many smart folks here that can help you pick out parts to build a PC. But it’s not magic, you can’t have a supercar for the price of a Honda civic.