Hey gang,

This might not apply to many, and others are surely more knowledgeable than I, but I just remedied a serious problem with my rig as it relates to SC.

I have already been in a habit of monitoring my BIOS and heat specifically, especially because I am on a seriously stuffed gaming laptop. Am going to build out a new desktop when the game is about to release.

Anyway, some of the recent patches have moved more data to the client side, and since 3.3.6 my CPU has been hitting DANGEROUS heat levels, 90*C+!.

So I went ahead and lowered my overclocking, which is really pretty easy and might have been a bit foolishly high, and it has made a very significant difference.

TLDR- I can play again. Monitoring systems and overclock control is something one should consider and is not that difficult.

Thanks & Good luck!