Avenger Stalker Weapons

So, I’ve been bombing around in my Stalker in Arena Commander, and I’m noticing the Suckerpunch cannon’s on the wings deliver a less than desirable punch. I keep falling back to my Gimble mounted S3 on the front of the ship as a primary weapon, but it seems to me like I need a secondary that can hold its own. I say that after having run into an asteroid and knocking my Tigerstreik off of the front of the ship. So yeah, I guess my question is, what do you guys use as replacements for the wing cannons?

For the Avenger’s wings - I was using **Tarantula Ballistics or Panthers

**EDIT: Thanks Corax13 for the eagle-eyed detail

^Just wondering, you mean Tarantulas? The Mantis is S3. I RECed them a while back and only realized I couldn’t use them after I got to the hangar. :laughing:

I’ve found the Tarantulas are pretty good. Mass drivers can be in the right circumstances but good luck hitting anything when it turns into a drifting match.

If you want every weapon on the same targeting PIP, gimballed Longswords are great, just keep in mind you’re not going to do significant damage to anything larger than you without a lot of patience with those. You’ll eat ships your size and smaller alive, though.

Keep in mind as well, I feel like they must be playing around with the shields and damage values, because I’m seeing some discrepancies from older builds in how my Avenger handles.

There do also seem to be some server-side issues with damage tracking against other players. I completely immobilized someone with Suckerpunches and then moved into point-blank range with the T21 and no damage registered. On a Mustang. A ship made of tissue paper and prayers.

Interesting, I’ll have to keep this in mind for future upgrades. I already had a 117 Badger I’d gotten from referring my friend, so I spent 5 bucks to get a second one and mounted both of them. It’s a very welcome upgrade.

I’m liking the M4A laser cannons. I pick my shots so connons work better for me.

Can’t wait till I can swap that nose gun again.