Avencore's Intro

Hey all!
I recently made the switch from Elite Dangerous to Star Citizen and am enjoying it so far.
I currently have an Ares Inferno, a 600i(with CCU to Carrack later on) and a Perseus and am happy to contribute to the org. Im mostly looking forward to bountyhunting/large scale battles.


Welcome to ADI!

I like your choices of ships.

Looking forward to meeting you in the verse. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun together. :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Avencore. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing in ADI’s mass org ops then. Mass ops and division mission ops are my favourite part of the game.

Heh. Frontier seems to have done CIG a huge favor with their latest release - welcome aboard, many ED refugees here. Jumped in with both feet, I see. Haven’t tried bounty hunting in a 600i, but sounds like it might be fun. Hit me up in Mumble if you need a turret gunner. :3

Welcome :slight_smile:

LOVE the 600i, still works great on the test server too :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI, looking forward to flying with you in the verse. Sharpe

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! As a 600i owner, I am sad that you plan to CCU it to a Carrack :smiley: But the Carrack is a solid multi crew ship, capable of just about everything, so enjoy it :slight_smile: Keep an eye out here and through discord, with the upcoming release of the 3.14 patch, there should be a number of opportunities for some large scale battle events coming.

welcome to ADI , enjoy your stay

Glad to have you with us, I too am looking forward to large scale battles. See you out there.

Welcome welcome Aven and great trio of ships there! Gad to have you in the org and you’ll not lack for bounty hunting opportunities in future.

Hey Avencore and Welcome to Org!
Wow, that’s one badass fleet you got there!

Ok, so, I highly suggest you check out the org calendar for the next Org Op that is scheduled as they are really well organized, fun to participate in and it’s an easy way to get to know and work with other members of ADI.

Anyways, once again Welcome to ADI and hope to see you in the next Op.

Welcome to ADI Avencore!

Join the Mass Org Ops when you see them for those large scale battles.

Welcome to ADI!

We’re glad to have you here and hope to see you flying with us!

Hi Avencore,
I am looking forward to meeting with you on mumble and flying with you in the verse :slight_smile:

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