Aurora LN vs Mustang Delta

Does any of you have experience with these two ships? How do they perform in combat?

Hi there! :smiley:

I started out with the LN and put in quite a bit of stick time with it. No real frills. It handles decently well and is about what you would expect for a starter ship of that price. While it is a durable ship, I would say it’s lacking in the firepower department. The two bulldogs it starts with are really prone to overheating, but there are two more size 2 weapon mounts on the upper wings that let you tack on a little more bite. That combined with the quad missile rack means that it is definitely capable of holding its own in Vanduul swarm, but each wave of progression will be well earned!

I was lucky enough to pick up a Delta on the gray market not too long ago actually. I gotta say…I’m impressed! Right out of the box, the Mustangs feel light and very nimble, almost like they move at right angles sometimes. The Delta is no exception despite being an up-armored version (of note, the Delta armor is supposed to be a special type as opposed to your every day flat metal plate). And firepower? It comes with a pair of Badgers on the wings, a pair of Behring M3A laser cannons on a turret mounted under the nose, and the cherry on top of this mountain of want-cake is the rocket pods stashed under the wings. You get 36 of them, they fire off in pairs, pack one heck of a punch and as you might expect rockets to be, they are dumbfire. They fly so fast however that hitting an intended mark is not difficult at all and just one solid hit with these babies carries enough bad vibes to ruin any pilots’ weekend, Vanduul or otherwise. The only real drawback to the Mustang…which annoys me at times…is how fragile it is. One or two decent hits to the cockpit area is enough to tear it off the ship. Its not very forgiving when running into a stationary object either. You really have to watch where you’re going and use that superior maneuvering power to keep from taking hits.

If you are looking for the better fighter of the two, then the Delta comes out on top. I really wouldn’t recommend it to a first time flyer because of the frailty issue, but it simply packs a much harder punch. It also seems to be the more fighter-oriented of the two since the Delta carries less cargo (No idea where they would even put any) and the LN has a bed for…well…you might wanna take a nap as you hide in an asteroid field and wait for an enemy to pass by.

I would say buy the LN, try it for a while, then find a way to melt / CCU / “gray market upgrade” your LN into a Mustang Delta, mostly because the Delta is not currently available on the RSI website.

I would say, if there was a persistent universe the Aurora would be more useful as it’s a true multi-role ship, it can haul cargo or fight, and I intend to fly mine in the live game eventually, at least to start.