Hey guys,

by coincidence I stubmled over a new game called Astroneer. It is short before availability state and will be purchasable on Steam starting from 16 th December.
Looking at Screenshots and watching trailers made me interested. Just wanted to know if you guys have already heard / seen about Astroneer and if maybe we as a clan could do some stuff together there?

As far as I see it, it fits our genre in general.
Let me hear what you think!

Cheers and have a good one,

Ooh? This?

Hmm. You’ve certainly got me curious.
I’ve never seen nor heard of it before, though on first glance it looks like a cutesy version of Moonbase Alpha (graphics wise) with a gameplay mix of Osiris: New Dawn and… the name escapes me right now, but it has a similar the building/connecting element. Will edit if I remember.

What comes to mind after watching the trailers though is that there doesn’t seem that much to do.
However that might be a moot point. That’s always an inherit problem with sandbox-like games which leave you to your own whims.

I’ll keep this one under a bookmark in my interests folder. Cheers!

Yeah it most likely looks like an “explore everything” sort of game. What I missed though was some PVE character, which even Minecraft provides.
I think this would be a cool element to add, if it not there yet.

I will definitely bookmark it aswell and hope that it will get more content soon. I like the concept of building bases and vehicles from scratch though. And it certainly doesn’t look as “dead” as Space Engineer which only provided asteroids when I was checking last time.

I got this on the xbox one to try it out. Good thing is you get it free via windows 10 store so you can play on the pc and the saves transfer between the 2!

It’s got potential. Few bugs, needs more content. I built everything and explored the galaxy but had fun doing it!

Looking forward to how it progresses.

Anyone playing this now??

I played it for a while and it is a solid game albeit a bit short right now (you can start a new game and have all research and complete base in 1-2 hours if you know what you are doing. I would expect first time players to get there in no more than 5). However it is an early access game so more is to come. Definitely a game to keep your eye on if you aren’t into early access.

One of the most impressive aspects i found was the fact that they give you no UI and yet the game feels good that way. From a game design aspect it is very hard to communicate to the player in this way, but they have accomplished it quite well.

Hi, been playing this a bit, like the open sandbox style and the atmosphere in the game. I really hope they will ship more content tho.