Aquila or Carrack?

I’ve narrowed down my exploratory ship choices to either a Connie Aquila or Anvil Carrack. I’ve heard many testify the Carrack to be superior, if only due to higher armor amounts and being specialized for exploration. The Aquila is on sale now, though the Carrack I’d have to go do some finagglin’ to find. I’m limited on my playtime during the week, so I’d probably be a one man show with control crew assistance. I’ve read the Aquila would be better suited to solo flight, though it’s been said the Carrack can also be crewed alone.

I like the utility of the Aquila for any future re-purposing, especially with the optional weapon mounts, though the Carrack is larger and has significantly more cargo space for any space treasures. Basically, I’m on the fence, though I’m leaning towards the Aquila just for it’s current availability and potential weaponization. Anyone have some insight into the situation or suggestions?

I don’t know much abut the Carrack except that it is a dedicated explorer ship and is supposed to have some pretty sweet systems. That being said, the Aquila is probably more modular and Foundry 42 is reworking the entire ship, so you know its going to look kickass! And you can buy the Aquila through CIG (i think?) and support the development of the game instead of giving some internet stranger your money.

I’ve seen the rework, it seems a bit more streamlined than the old one. I’m not big on aesthetics though, especially if it gets the job done better than a prettier ship. I would only consider working with the grey market if the Carrack was considered to be a far superior ship by comparison. I guess it’s kind of hard to tell at this point which is going to be a better choice…

I grabbed an Aquila myself because I really liked the size/features although the Carrack seems to me a superior exploration ship. I never had the opportunity to snag the Carrack from CIG, but I was hoping to get one in game someday…unless they offer it again.

I feel the Carrack will be the superior only based on reading that this is the UEE dedicated Military-Grade exploration vessel and figure the Aquila to be the more common ship variant you will see in the “Verse” due to the modularity and ease of access.

That’s one of the qualms I’m having with the Carrack… not sure if the price tag is due to the size, or due to it’s features. Just browsing the mounts on it in the store, it doesn’t look like it would be superior to the Aquila due to the lack of weapon systems. Aside from it being a larger ship with possibly more armor, I would think ‘military-grade’ meant having more than a few turrets on it.

Buy the Aquila, if the Carrack goes back on sale (which it will) and you decide you like it better just melt the Aquila and pay the difference to upgrade to the Carrack, either ship will get you where u want to go.

On the spec page (which isn’t always the most accurate thing) the major difference i see between the 2 is that the Carrack has a much larger cargo hold, and will likely be able to carry a bunch of cargo along side the rover, where as the Aquila will have to be more specialized, you wont have that much cargo space left over.

The Aquila looks as if it will be the easier of the 2 to solo crew as it has less manned turrets, I also remember reading somewhere that the Carrack will come with a small scout ship as well, dunno if that is still the case but to get a fighter on a Connie you would need a Phoenix I believe so there is that to consider as well, in the end I think the logical thing to do would be to start on the Connie and move to the Carrack later in game.

Personally I am starting with the Freelancer Dur, I dunno why but that was the ship that hooked me into this game so I am sticking with it. I will likely upgrade in live though.

That sounds like a good plan. I hadn’t thought about the trade in option. Think I’ll do that for now, thanks!