Apologies for no activity


Hey y’all.
I joined a while ago and I really want to enjoy this game more, but as of late I haven’t been in the best position to do so. Lot of mental and emotional issues that make these long-form games like SC a bit less enticing lately. And various life changes came in and are taking up a boat-load of time too, so it’s just a bit less time to do something as time-consuming as SC. Doesn’t help that my computer has issues with that game so it’s altogether a bit more uninviting.
This has nothing to do with the corp; I really want to jump in and play with you guys on all these training runs and such, but I just haven’t been… up to it, I guess is the right way to say it?
I’m not abandoning the game, but I just need some time to really sort my life out. Sorry, guys. I’ll see you starside.


Akaijy, from my heart, I want you to know that in ADI real life comes first; that’s not some trite motto, it’s one of our guiding principals. Know that of all the things going on in our lives; our obligations, our responsibilities, our aspirations and occupations, of all the real life commitments that we bear, playing SC as a member of ADI is not one of them. We are a family of brothers and sisters who understand that real life must come first. No forgiveness need be sought for our absense, no permission needed to step away nor a rationale be quantified to justify our presence elsewhere. Know that we’ll be here when you return and we’ll be glad to see you when you do, whenever that is.


I will echo Mesachie’s comments. We will be here when you are ready to play.


Real life comes first.


No apology was needed. I hope things sort out quickly and well for you. Best, --M


No apologies necessary Akai, real life first! Come back when you are ready.