Hello all,

I am a new member looking to join ADI in the Fleet Security Division. I got into Star Citizen near the beginning and have been away for a couple years, but am excited with the prospect of 3.0 and what it might hold for the game! I look forward to meeting everyone here and having some good game sessions both in and out of Star Citizen.

See you around,


Welcome to ADI Apollo44!

Welcome Apollo44,

What kind of role your interested in? Combat Pilot, Fleetpilot or join Marines (more options http://atlasdefenseindustries.com/divisions/fleet-security)? You’re certainly back at the right moment :wink:.

FS myself here and joined in 2015 both SC + ADI. Want to be mainly a combatpilot.

Looking forward meeting you in the verse and mumble

Welcome Back Apollo44!

Love the name, one of my favorite pilots from BSG. Fleet Security as well! Look forward to flying with you in the verse, or least you protecting my bombers. 3.0 is right around the corner! I’m so excited!

Glad to see your coming back into the fold, look forward to flying with you in the verse!