Anyone know anything about Razer Tartarus v2

Anyone know anything about Razer Tartarus v2? I ordered one to try out. Not that I’m a major shooter as much as I thought it might help with hand fatigue and feel in relation to my MS.

Yes. Have one, like it. Easily programmed. Good for FPS.

You’ll need to program through the Razor Synapse software.

How do you generally have your keys mapped?

Top Row: Alt+T, 6, 3, 8, T
Second: TAB, Q, W, E, H
Third: ALT+V, A, S, D, F
Fourth: LShft, Z, X, C, J

Hat I don’t use but set for NumPad 4, 8, 6, 2
Orange Button: Alt+V

Another issue I’m having is that when I plug in my Razer, my thrustmaster stops working. In the device tester it shows the joystick as the Razar instead of the Thrustmaster. If I unplug it usually fixes the issue. Any suggestions?


I have a 16000. I haven’t seen that problem yet.

Think I fixed it with these two steps. Thinking there might be a “order” issue with the USB ports, I swapped the joystick’s usb ports with the razar. Then after unplugging the razer I used Usbdev to delete all the razer entries in the registary and then setup the razer. There were like 5 different entries in the several locations. Seems to work fine since then. Need to make sure to plug into the same port.

Now I’m trying to make my keyboard all but unneeded for Star Citizen by making sure everything I need acces to can be accessed on hotas or razer.

Still want to setup voice attack for the cool factor at least but make it unneeded for combat except for possibly pinning. Probably only enable it when a modifier button is pressed on my hotas.

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