Any suggestions?

Started my computer today and got a DOS screen telling me, and I heavily paraphrase, “Something bad happened. Really, really bad and we’ve returned you to your default settings” and instructions to enter Alt+L to return to my last workable spit, I entered it and got the below screen.

Before I start clicking on things I know nothing about, figured I’d ask here first.

What I see is the MSI Click BIOS setup screen.

Did it say something about the last overclock configuration failing? May have reverted to last good config or factory defaulted?

Was the “DOS” screen a black screen with text or a blue screen with text (and maybe a QR code if Win10)?

Yes Nome it did.

Had you made any adjustments recently to memory speed or other such things? That would explain the why.

As for what to do, depends on how you were setup. If you had to make BIOS changes to make your boot drive bootable, such as with NVMe M.2 drives, you’ll need to make those changes before it will boot into windows again.

No changes. With the exception of updating drivers, I don’t mess with anything.

I did find a YouTube vid that may help me walk through it.

Sounds like you are going about it right. I wonder what happened though. Can you tell if something is running hotter than it should? Any possible obstructions (someone laid a book over a vent, or a cat)?

Here was the solution…click the big X in the upper right. Computer rebooted fine.

That said…

  1. I’ve probably lost my overclock, but not knowing (yet) how to return it, I’ll let it be for now.
  2. That MSI 5 tool is really cool, can tell you about everything going on in your computer.

And yes, since the tool let me, I checked all 3 fans are operating.

Thanks Nome.

The bios failing to apply a profile such as one with tweaked o/c settings on a cold boot, isn’t likely to be due to thermal, unless a fan didn’t spin up at all. But as you ruled out that as a problem it could have been anything. A likely course would be an abnormally high voltage, or fluctuation in voltage. (despite psu being a buffer, it happens.)
If it was voltage related it was most likely on a grid level, if your on an extension cord check it’s fine and if it keeps happening consider a power conditioner/ups. (uninterrupted power supply)

As for reapplying the o/c I’m actually curious as I’ve not used MSI in a long long time, is there not a Overclock Wizard or such in the bios?

Don’t know Sfoxor. I’ll look, hope so. Would like to learn how and I’ll bet there is a vid out there to show me.

The system is plugged into a surge protector then into the wall. Could be though.