Any Org members play Squad?

Any fellow Org members play Squad? I just picked it up and I’m really enjoying it, but (as the name implies) it would be a lot better to play with some fellow Org members.

I could also use any tips or guidance more experienced players would be willing to offer. I’m no stranger to FPS gaming, but this is my first foray into milsims (I know, it’s like “mil-sim lite”, but still). I get the general idea but in the few hours I’ve played so far I still feel kind of lost.

Cheers. o7.

I have it but I never really played it for some reason ^^

@GungnirSpear drop a note in the Discord gameroom and check there for info…I’m sure there are others that play.

I own it, but haven’t played it since 2016. I’d be down to try it again with a good group.

About 8 I know of.

Spikelite seems to be the most active but there are 3-4 other hard core players.

Yup weve all played. @GungnirSpear Was super fun to get a full squad of guys on. @DFSViper I’d be down. So far i know myself, idefenderz, spike, house, tenshino, isper all play.

I play Squad, I suck pretty bad though

Have it, haven’t played it much yet.

I play it not very well but it’s fun.

If they add HOTAS support for helicopters I would play it again

Hey guys,

Wanted to revive this topic quick to say I’ve still been playing Squad and it has been my most played game over the past month by a good margin. Learned a lot and having a blast but would still love to get an organized group of org mates together to play every now and then. Even if you haven’t played much, like some in this post stated, I’d be happy to drop advice when needed or help learn the ropes. It can feel a touch overwhelming at first, but I’m confident within a couple of matches everyone could get over the hump of the initial learning curve.

Also wanted to say I recently picked up Escape From Tarkov and boy oh boy, I would really love to get a group of org mates together for this beast. I’m having a lot of fun but can easily see where an organized group of mates communicating over voice comms could make this a whole different experience.

If anyone’s interested in playing either or both of these titles please drop me a link in Discord @gungirspear. I tried dropping a few messages in the org games channel but it would just too chaotic to try to communicate and organize everything.

I’d like to try to organize some times at least a few of us could group up. I’m US Eastern timezone but I work swing shift so my schedule’s all over the place. Feel free to drop a message with your availability here or hit me up on Discord.

I’ll be online through the entirety of tonight and tomorrow (2200ish - 0600), but then I’m back to work for a few days and will be on sporadically for an hour or two throughout the next week.

Hoping to team up with some of you soon. Cheers!

Had a blast tonight and looking forward to more good times to come. That said, at some point I want to try running two squads to see if we can’t improve the team coordination. We ran into problems tonight where our squad was operating well on its own, but the other squads couldn’t pull their weight. If Force runs one and I run a different one (as an example) we may be able to accomplish more since we’ll be potentially 18 people working together instead of 9.

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We could have been more effective as a smaller squad instead of letting all the pugs in tbh. We should try running locked squads with members only. Also maybe pick better servers too that run raas more.

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I agree with both suggestions. Locked squads with members only and utilizing two (or more) squads if there’s enough people to justify it would be more effective.

As I stated in my last post, I just started my rotation onto days (12hr shifts) and be won’t be on much through the next three days, but hopefully I’ll catch up with you guys soon.

Just watch the rules for locked squads. Most servers have a minimum of 4 before you can lock and will kick quick even in the beginning.