any idea on a gaming laptop that could run SC?

I’m about to ditch my rig and get a new one, and will be on the road a lot. I was wondering if any one has had any luck with a gaming laptop, that will run SC?

Does it have to be a laptop? How are you traveling and could a tiny desktop build work? Because laptops are poor gaming computers, even at 2x or 3x the price for a small desktop.

There are a few people in ADI who actually built mobile desktops since they are on the road a lot.
If you are interested in talking to them PM me and ill shoot you their names!

MSI GT72VR 6RF Apache Pro
I have one and it can currently play the alpha at 1080p albeit slightly screen laggy - but we all know that can be server nearly as much as PC. Once some optimisations are in place - it SHOULD run this fairly well - even if not at max.
Only downside is that it is NOT a 1440p screen. - but it’s a 17" screen - soooooo - Meh…
It has the added advantage of having an UPGRADEABLE Video card - One of the few laptop manufacturers that do this anymore!
It has an onboard slot that can have a later model video card installed - this one has a GTX1060m on it though - pretty good for a lappy…

Basic specs -
Intel H series i7-6700HQ CPU
16GB GDDR4 - Upgradeable to 32GB
GTX1060m Video
1x PCI gen3 256GB SSD
1x 1TB 7200RPM HDD
120Hz 5ms 17.3" Display
Full specs here:-

Hope this is useful!

Ill second the above post, i have a MSI GS73VR it can run SC no problem however the PTU still lags like a :question:

Gaming laptops these days are more than capable of keeping up with desktop pcs, especially laptops with 10 series GPUs.

I bought a laptop as though the cost for the pc is less when you add all the peripherals and the fact you cant sit on the sofa and play it.

Laptops are the way forward, thats technological advancement for you, make it smaller, make it faster

Laptops can’t compete with even mini-desktop computers on performance… a GTX1060m isn’t a GTX1060, and a i7-6700HQ isn’t an i7-6700K.

The fact remains that laptops aren’t meant to be used as gaming PC’s, and should be avoided at all costs.

But, sometimes you just can’t get around using a laptop, but make no mistake gaming performance will suffer greatly.

It all comes down to how much you have to spend, the gap between pc and laptop is getting smaller every year.

Many laptops come with the same chips as their desktop competitors. The game runs great on my laptop with graphics set to high.

Make the decision based on what you will use it for on the whole, i often go to friends houses for lan partys and also use mine for VR, which is a pain in the nuts when you have a full gaming rig and the pc isnt in a good play space.

Some great considerations … -blade-pro currently have up to £700 of laptops this is the top one currently however any of the vr range will most likely run it

Good luck in your choice, just steer clear of Alienware, they are not what they used to be and are very pricey for what you get

The gap isn’t getting smaller, it’s about the same, or wider today than in the past. The fact is laptops are drastically limited compared to desktops… So not to cherry pick, but lets take a look at GT75VR laptop you suggested, with a price of $4150 USD.

This comes with a i7-8700HK processor, which has a 2.9gHz clock, and a Max turbo of 3.7gHz. Compare that to a i7-8700K which has a 3.7gHz clock, and 4.7gHz max turbo. 25% faster, before overclocking, and you’re going to be able to overclock the desktop proc a lot easier than a laptop because of limited airflow and power supply. Now we compare a GTX 1080 mobile to a GTX1080 desktop, there is ~20% performance difference between the two…

And here is the final kicker, you’re comparing a sub $2000USD desktop which is 25+% faster once overclocked, to a laptop that costs TWICE as much. Oh, and the laptop is next to impossible to upgrade, unlike the desktop.

If you’re buying a computer to game on, laptops should be avoided at all costs, if you can’t avoid it, expect to pay an arm and a leg and get sub-par performance.

I’ll throw another option out there that you may want to research. Back when I lived in Alberta I was using something called limelight to play Titanfall on my couch using an Android box with bluetooth controller. The game itself was being run on my gaming rig on the other side of the house.

I have no need for it anymore, but to my knowledge the program has been revamped and is now called moonlight. Nvidia has the proprietary version to go with the shield and Steam has their own version although I believe you may need to vpn that last option if you’re playing away from home.

I do not know if any of these work with star citizen, especially with the launcher app. limelight had no issue loading games off origin so I suspect the technology is there.

Personally, if I were in the market and considering a $4000 gaming laptop… I don’t think I could ignore the potential savings a $2000 PC coupled with a cheapo streaming laptop/tablet off craigslist may provide. Or if by ‘on the road lots’ means frequent stays in hotels, an android box/cheapo hdmi pc2go go stick would be pretty badass connected to the hotel rooms tv. I know if i really wanted to, I could throw moonlight on my cellphone even, connect a bluetooth controler and play games from my PC that way.

I will say this though from personal experience. poor wi-fi = poor game streaming. Then again, poor wi-fi = poor star citizen experience on any machine