Angels Fall First on Steam


I just found and picked this up on Steam. While it is no SC competitor, people here might like it for team combat practice as SC right now is a bit of a slog to get into the action. It is kind of like Battlefront, with various scenarios, and has ship battles, drop ships, ship boarding, squad based infantry, and an overall team command system. It can be play SP/co-op with/against bots, I think up to 32 players a side, it has loads of options.

Only downside is third person flight view and I think no HOTAS support.

It is a lot deeper than it first appears.


I purchased this game in the past and it was kinda fun for the first hour, but one of its main issues is there’s not many people left playing it. Other than that it was really cool, there’s capital ships to fly and you can launch fighters out of your own ships hangar bays and board and sabotage enemy ships from the inside.

Again lack of players is its down side otherwise it’s a very cool and unique game with old Battlefront style gameplay.


I was a bit surprised how I hadn’t heard of it before today, it seems a bit of a hidden gem. I am playing it with bots at the moment to get to grips with things.


I’m afraid you’ll be playing with bots for most of the time, it’s too hidden it seems these days. and if there are players they tend to stick to piloting capital ships and wrecking your fleet.

I honestly refunded it before the 2 hour mark because I could see it as another game gathering dust in my library, I may re purchase it again one day.